Knowing to transform: guide for diagnosis and formulation of municipal policies for the elderly

Although we have advanced a lot in the last 10 years in relation to aging visibility and old age in Brazil, we still have “a lot of questions to answer regarding the rights assurance Seniors, among them: as has been the implementation of the Elderly in Parents? That municipalities already have Councils of Elders and Municipal Funds Instituted, structured and functioning? What are the rights of the elderly who most often have been violated? In what areas? What is the profile of the elderly who have been victims of neglect or physical abuse, emotional, sexual, financial or institutional? How is acting the rights assurance system aimed at combating violence against the elderly? Municipal policies of attention to the elderly have been implemented, act intersectoral way with a view to comprehensive care for the elderly?

These and other questions point to the need to better understand the reality of the elderly to support the development of consistent and appropriate municipal policies to local priorities considering the heterogeneity of old age and parents. It is precisely to fill this gap that the Guide Know to Transform was thought.

This is the result of hard work and progress in gerontology prepared by prattein – Consulting Social Development and the intense collaboration interacts, the publication was supported by the Private Social Investment Banco Santander. This guide is a tool for the implementation of public policies for the elderly with a view to guaranteeing their rights under the Statute of the elderly and consequently to improve the quality of life of the elderly, as well as being an important tool for strengthening of the Municipal Councils rights of the elderly.

The Guide is divided into five steps:

1. board evaluation and training of the municipal committee of diagnosis and planning

2. Survey and analysis of data and information on the basic characteristics of the municipality and its elderly population

3. Mapping and analysis of the Rights Guarantee System and the problems and violations that affect the elderly population in the city

4. Formulation of proposals for action for strengthening the Rights Guarantee System of the elderly in the city

5. Inclusion work programs in the municipal budget

To access the guide:…

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