Elderly are indebted and suffering from financial violence

The improvement in the economy in recent years has made the purchasing power of all ages, including the elderly, increase.

Payroll loans helped fuel this condition while also increased the debt of retirees and pensioners.

Many of the elderly Brazilians are still unprepared to deal with this type of loan, which has discounted installments directly from the payroll; so that there is excessive indebtedness in this age group.

In the last three years, the balance of debts and retired pensioners in consigned credit modality increased by 27% (adjusted for inflation) of R $ 52.5 billion to R $ 66.8 billion, according to Central Bank data.

The increase is four times higher than the actual increase of 5.2% of the benefits paid by Social Security to this group and almost three times higher than the 7% growth in the number of retirees and pensioners, to 42.2 million.

According to Secretariat data on Human Rights, part of greater indebtedness is the result of a growing problem in the country: the financial violence, which represents 21% of reports of abuse against elderly made by Dial 100. The allegations of financial abuse of seniors increased 300% in Brazil between 2011 and 2013, from 4,052 to 16,800. This shows that many families take advantage of the fixed income of the elderly arising from pension and / or retirement to hire the loan often without the full consent of the elderly and ultimately harms them financially.

It is important that before hiring any type of loan the families think the budget restructuring, optimizing the use of long-term resources.

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