Spending on elderly caregiver may be deducted from income tax

Is being discussed in the Senate, through its Committee on Social Affairs (CAS) a bill that states that the amounts spent to keep an elderly caregiver is deducted from income tax. If signed into law, taxpayers who have these expenses may deduct the expense, paying less in annual adjustment or getting a bigger refund.

The author of the text is the Senator and physician Waldemir Moka, which states that home care has many advantages over the hospital, in addition to providing more intense family life. The practice, however, requires high expenditures, which can unbalance the family budget.

Moka recalls that, unlike the costs of doctors, dentists and other health professionals, the expenses of caregivers are not deductible from the base income tax calculation, according to current legislation. In the senator’s view, the adoption of the measure will result in relief to the budgets of elderly people with disabilities and their families. 

The project received a favorable vote of the rapporteur, Senator Paul Davim, who stressed the importance of the caregiver’s job to prevent the elderly suffer a fall or have other problems that could undermine their condition or even result in hospital admissions. 

The proposal still needs to go through the review of the Economic Affairs Committee (CAE), before heading to the House of Representatives. 

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