Banco Santander

Project Senior: Diagnosis of Older Persons Workforce Within Organizations

In 2012, the banking groupSantanderBrazildesigned a qualitative and quantitative study on the older persons workforce in the organization, in order to assess the perception of older workers about retirement and the possibility of retired people return to work. In addition, perceptions on the possibility of conflict of generations in the workplace, and the feasibility of having older persons in the workforce were also investigated.

Support Programs to City Councils in charge of Older Persons Affairs

InterAge provides technical consultation to City Councils of Older Persons’ Rights. The purpose is to carry out an assessment of city´s policies, and the status of older persons in order to design actions based on the assessment to enhance the fulfillment of needs and rights of older persons in the cities. This program was established by Law 12.213/2010, which regulates the Older Persons National Funding, to finance actions and programmes on ageing by granting Income Tax exemptions for the allocated funds.

“Senior Talents Award”

This project was originally developed by Banco Real in 1999, to celebrate the International Year of Older Persons, and InterAge has been providing technical consultancy from the beginning. The purpose behind this contest is to foster a higher social participation of older persons, and to appreciate the creative and artistic potential of people over 60 years of age. The contest has helped to mitigate prejudice against old people and ageing, thus fostering the construction of a society for all ages.

Within the competition, InterAge serves as an advisor for the “Outstanding Programs” category, which includes ongoing or programs to be developed and that promote quality of life and integration of older persons in society, and that need resources for their development, consolidation, enhancement or further unfolding. InterAge follows the selected projects up, providing supportive consulting for the programs to reach more effective and sustainable results.

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