ENEM 2014: Increase the number of elderly seeking a degree in higher education

Not only are the elderly who seek for education in Brazil. Last weekend, 8th and 9th November, the National Examination of Secondary Education (ESMS) was performed. This examination is the gateway to many higher and technical education institutions in the country. In this scenario, a growing number of people aged 60 or over looking for educational qualification and so realize the national exam. According to the National Institute of Educational Studies Teixeira (INEP) were enrolled about 15 thousand elderly people in ESMS. The previous year 10,900 elderly performed this test and in 2009 almost 5000 elderly.
Studies about aging conclude be education the driving force that promotes improved quality of life for seniors. Universities open the Third Age had long paper to expand and promote education in the elderly, however has seen an ever increasing number of older people as regular students of universities.
The demand for education in higher education institutions usually occurs by older people who already have a degree in higher education and the motivations for joining university are diverse. According to Francisco Botelho, Education superintendent Distance IESB University Center of Brasilia, the elderly often already have a college degree and pursue other courses, aims for a change in career and even the realization of a dream. Older people who already have a degree, many seek courses in areas that have always been interested to study. At the same time, other seniors prepare to reach the goal of making its first graduation.
The number of elderly in universities is a reality still little discussed. It is known that learning for the elderly is a challenge to continue to make choices, develop their autonomy and cognitive skills. Do it in an intergenerational environment can develop even further their ability to communicate with the world seeking to understand it in order to be understood.

The article carried by G1 presents interesting testimonials from seniors who performed the ESMS and pursue their university place.
http: … //g1.globo.com/mg/zona-da-mata/noticia/2014/11/em-busca-da-graduaca
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