About Us

lauramachado_0InterAGE Consulting in Gerontology is a Consulting company that operates with ageing-related policies, programs and research nationally and internationally. It focuses people over 50 years of age, a huge and heterogeneous contingent of people, to whom standardized, stigmatizing solutions are not appropriate.

With a team of multidisciplinary consultants, InterAge supports its clients to develop research programs, products and services specifically designed for this target group, aligned and adapted to match the mission of the organizations.

Laura Machado, CEO of InterAGE Consultoria em Gerontologia Ltda is a certified gerontology psychologist by Society of Gerontology and Geriatrics (SBGG), and has a master’s degree from the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro – PUC-RJ. In addition, she created and was the executive director of the Institute of Gerontology, Cândido Mendes University. She has an international role as representative of the International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics (IAGG) at the United Nations (UN) is a board member of the NGO HelpAge International.


Laura Machado received from former Brazilian President Lula the Human Rights Award 2010 for her services to the country in the category – Older persons Rights Assurance; and in 2013 she was acknowledged by the International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics (IAGG) for promoting a United Nation (UN) convention on the rights of older persons.


“Talento não tem idade – Construindo juntos uma sociedade para todos” (“Talent has no age limit: building together a society for all agesl”) written by Laura Machado, tells the changes in roles and rights of older persons since the 1990s, when the First Brazilian National Policy for Older persons was established with the UN recommendation for the celebration of the International Year of Older persons in 1999. It also reports the experience of the “Talents of Maturity” contest since its first edition, which gives older Brazilians the chance to prove that there is no age for talent.


The mission of InterAGE Consulting in Gerontology is to foster appreciation and interaction of older persons with people of all generations, in order to build a socially just and democratic society of all.

Areas of Operation

  • Consulting and innovative solutions in the field of aging for public areas, private and third sector.
  • Consulting to Municipalities and Council for Older Persons.
  • National and International Research.
  • Assessment of Older Persons Workforce Within Organizations.
  • Lectures achievement in Workshops, Conferences and Events.
  • Consulting for social development in the old area.
    Training in elderly health professionals to municipal service network.
  • Consulting and / or training to create, Councils regulation and the Elderly Funds.
  • Consulting for private companies, foundations, institutes who want to devote resources to the elderly Funds and / or develop policies and care programs in the localities where they operate.
  • Consultancy for the improvement of services oriented management for seniors.
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