International Month of Alzheimer’s disease: September

The September 21, was chosen to be the World Day to Combat Alzheimer

and according to the International Association of disease- Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) – that dementia affects more people, there are 35.6 million patients worldwide; in 2030, should be 65.7 million and in 2050, the forecast is 115.4 million individuals; spending on the disease should consume 1% of global GDP in 2010, which amounts to $ 604 million!

Alzheimer now accounts for 60% of cases of dementia in the elderly, according to ADI, about 5% of Brazilians aged over 65 suffer from Alzheimer’s, and chances from this age doubles every 5 years, and the 85 years of age, the individual will have a 50% chance of having the disease, which is really worrying as dementia generates decline in multiple cognitive domains (decision making, problem solving, planning, memory, emotion, language) of significantly enough to actually interfere with everyday social and occupational Seniors, causing dependence on them.

In Brazil, we can count on Alzheimer’s Brazilian Association (ABRAz), whose mission is to be the core of all those involved with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, bringing together family members, caregivers and professionals, offering upgrade means allowing exchanges and supporting actions bearer of well-being, family, caregiver and professional. The ABRAz, operates in Brazil 22 years ago, consists of professionals of health and family of people with Alzheimer’s disease. Headquartered in São Paulo, has 21 regional, 54 subregional, 100 Support Groups in five regions of the country, to support, provide information on diagnosis, treatments and guide people who live and care for Alzheimer’s patients.

The campaign for World Alzheimer’s Day 2013 ABRAz includes actions aimed at discussion on Alzheimer’s disease, to break the taboo about the disease and approach the public with theme. “Alzheimer’s disease is a subject that requires discussion for the recognition of its importance and that the matter be handled in the way it deserves: with investment in the care of patients and treatments available that slow the progression of the disease, improving quality life and relationship with people with Alzheimer’s disease, “says the President of ABRAz, Dra. Fernanda Gouveia Paulino.

The slogan “Alzheimer’s: I do not forget” is the motto that the brand campaign, created by the WMcCann Advertising Agency in voluntary partnership. three films were produced with the participation of artists Andre Guerrero, Beatriz Segall, Carlos Moreno, Cassio Gabus Mendes, Eva Wilma, Irene Ravache, Lara Cordula, Leonardo Stefanini, Marcelo Airoldi and Marilia Gabriela who lent his credibility to support the cause.

The actions prepared by ABRAz to September, according to the World Alzheimer’s Day, cover the entire country through its regional and subregional. All programming of World Alzheimer’s Day, Sao Paulo and other states, is available on the new website ABRAz schedule:

More information:

ABRAz – Alzheimer’s Brazilian Association

Contact: 0800-551906

Fonefax: (11) 3237-0385

Email:. abraz @



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