Quality of life of elderly Brazilians are below the global average

According to the Global AgeWatch Index report, to be released today, 01 October: International Day of the Elderly, Brazil is in 58th place in a list of 96 rated nations, behind even admittedly poorer countries like Bolivia, Ecuador and El Salvador . In the first positions include Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada and Germany.

The document is the one that measures the well-being of older people in the world and came just as a way to evaluate and push countries in the implementation of actions in Brazil took into account the opinion of a thousand respondents aged. Among the items measured: income, health, social security, employment, education, security and transport, Brazil has its worst notes regarding safety and public transport.

– The elderly have insecure sense. The worst rates of the report have to do with urban violence and lack of accessibility and transport. He’s more reclusive, afraid to leave the house – said the Gerontologist Laura Machado, of HelpAge International board member.

Laura Machado also noted that Brazil approved the National Policy for the Elderly in 1994 and the Statute of the Elderly in 2003. Although efficient in theory, it complains that, in practice, the cause has been overlooked in recent years.

However, in practice, some changes have already been forced globally. Activists and representatives of countries seek to include the UN Convention the Rights of Older Persons, which were left out of the Millennium Goals, the period of application ends next year. A new document, Agenda Post 2015 will be ratified in November by the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon. This time, older people are already part of the text, for example when discussing the need for access to transportation, social protection, infrastructure and nutrition.

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