Towards a convention on the rights of the elderly

Unlike Brazil, many countries still do not have a Elderly Statute to ensure by law the rights of these citizens
and instituting penalties to those who discriminate, disrespect or abandon the elderly.
For this reason, it has been discussed at the United Nations the importance of adopting an international legal instrument that has force of law, an International Convention to ensure the rights of the majority of older people living in developing countries that have not yet adopted laws to this segment.
To this end, the UN General Assembly established the Open-ended Working Group on Ageing (resolution 65/182, 2010) in order to strengthen the protection of human rights of older people, considering existing international frameworks and identify possible gaps .
The Working Group held its organizational meeting in 2011, followed by three working sessions: the methodology of the sessions consists of interactive discussions, expert panel to examine the existing political arrangements.
During the first three working sessions (2010, 2011 and 2012), the experts expressed concern about the limitation and quality of existing policies, as well as the pace of implementation of actions.
By August this year, the Open Working Group on Ageing met again in New York at UN headquarters and featured several panels, including:
a) promotion and protection of human rights and dignity of the elderly: contributions from the second overall assessment and evaluation of the International Plan of Action on Ageing;
b) update on definition of regional multilateral process standards,
c) The right to social security and health,
d) discrimination and access to work,
The session also allowed the interactive dialogue with civil society, as representatives of non-governmental organizations were able to expose the concerns and interests of the elderly and provide valuable assistance to the discussions of experts. In general manner, many countries again stressed the need for an International Convention on the Rights of Older People.
Laura Machado – executive director of Interact Consulting Gerontology operates internationally as the representative of the International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics (IAGG) at the UN and is a member of the Director of HelpAge International NGO Council and attended the four sessions of the Open-ended Working Group on Ageing .

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